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A world-class sales team begins with Jordan Belfort

The problem:

Did you know that 64% of entry-level salespeople don’t meet their quotas? That’s a big part of the reason why 80% of companies don’t meet their annual sales goals and it’s usually due to a lack of proper training and poor leadership. Many companies don’t have access to resources that could help them not only improve their sales teams, but their company as a whole.

Our solution:

As the #1 sales trainer in the world, Jordan Belfort will provide your team with impactful techniques, motivational leadership and more. Jordan Belfort’s training techniques are tailored to your team’s specific needs and will help them exceed all sales goals and expectations.

With over 30 years of experience, Jordan has generated over $500 million in sales and has hit more millionaires than all the other so-called “sales gurus” combined. Working with top experts in business, psychology and education, his training program has been key to the success of many Fortune 500 companies around the world and can now be made available to your team in a 4 hour training at the Geneva Arena on June 22, 2024.

Increase your closing rate2x faster
Reduce your sales cycle by 50%
Generate a multitude of referrals and upsells
Turn skeptics into lifetime customers
Create the perfect sales script

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